Donations & Sponsorships

Ever since it was founded in 1974, Léo Harley-Davidson has contributed to a variety of events, along with the funding of several non-profit organizations. Keen to be a responsible and active partner in its community, Groupe Park Avenue supports events and organizations in four main spheres of activity: health, sports, education, and family.

Léo Harley-Davidson wants to act as a positive and pro-active influence in the community, supporting the daily life of residents on a professional and personal basis, through the dedication of time and resources. This community commitment is an essential complement to the healthy growth of the enterprise.

Please indicate any relevant information in your request: (via the form available via this page)

  • What is your request?
  • For which organization or motorcycle club are you making this request?
  • Your project details (name, date, location, etc.)
  • Is it a “gift” or “money” sponsorship request
  • The target audience for your project (gender, age group, region, etc.)

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Response Time and Follow-Up

Léo Harley-Davidson has established a period of 30 days following reception of applications to provide a response to the request. Those in charge of sponsorships will only contact those applicants whose request has been approved. Even so, in the case of a refusal, an email will be sent with this information within the established time frame.

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