Whether you are looking for excursion equipment, protective equipment, Harley-Davidson® clothes or gifts ideas, at Léo Harley-Davidson® we have everything you need in store, including Black Label, Pink Label and 1903 popular collections without forgetting the amazing Simpsons and Classic helmets.

  • Harley-Davidson® helmets
  • Simpsons and Classic helmets
  • Rainsuit
  • Fabric or leather gloves
  • Fabric or leather motorcycle jackets, with or without armor
  • Motorcycle chaps for men and women
  • Motorcycle pants, jeans and a vast selection of belts Bottes de moto
  • Vintages Harley-Davidson® T-shirts
  • Skateboard Harley-Davidson®

Harley-Davidson® collectible items : caps, bandanas, poker chips, patches, stickers, glasses and shot glasses, coffee mugs, posters, pub table and chairs, cooler.

Visit Léo Harley-Davidson® store and meet one of our advisors or take a moment to call us. It will be a pleasure to help you.

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